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have i mentioned that i hate my driveway


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:help: i walked out this morning.. and had to make a decision. swim to the car.. or take a really big step and just look funny..lol


why does the water gather around MY car???? :willy:





all i want for Chirstmas is.. well i can't say the one thing, cause this is a family forum ;) LOL


a concrete driveway & ADAMS STUFF!!!!:banana:

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Climb in through the trunk?


that would have been an even bigger step.. good thing i am flexable..lol


i didn't even get any mud on my shoes :D


Could you pull into your spot, until you get the driveway coated. (If you plan on coating it.)


it's gonna cost at least 10 grand to get it done.. we had DG.. still kind of there, but it washes away :(



i'm looking for a nice court settlement in Jan.. maybe i'll just move..LOL

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Some people call it gravel. What Jason showed you isn't what I use. I use a better grade. But you can get anywhere from the stuff Jason showed you (we used to call that fart stone, cause if you bang two together it really stinks) to the smoother rounder gravel that I use. There's lots of grades in between. But it fills up the holes and the water drains through it. If you're lucky, someone will level it out for you, otherwise be prepared for a back breaking day of work to level it out. But it's great when it's done. :thumbsup:

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i just need to get an en excavator out to gimme a 1-2% cut grade so it will drain off to the side rather than sit at my reatining wall.


we had some little rocks on the dirt, but as we drove on them.. they are now under the dirt..lol

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Hey Babyfer,


Go over to Home Depot they should have some books on driveways and walkways. You could put down some rocks and make some form of drainage systems for a little of nothing. The rocks (gravel) will probably be the most expensive item, some PVC pipe and a little chewing gum and badabing problem. I know you would like concrete but I want a Vortec Supercharger but don't have the money....Santa are you listening.

Talk to the guys at Home Depot they can help you.


Good luck

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