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Green Gen2 Pad?

Team Adam's


I just got this question on DigitalCorvettes.com and really liked it. I think our family over here would benefit from it.


Will Adams be selling a "green" Gen 2 polishing pad? Watching the machine polishing video on the SUV, a double sided green/orange pad is used. I have to think that a green pad may be useful to have for daily drivers and poorly maintained finishes. Maybe some of those folks who have the double sided green/orange pad could chime in on how useful the green pad is? Thanks


Great question! We made the determination that the green pad just simply isn't a safe way to detail. After honest to goodness hard core testing of our Orange Swirl Killer pad and Swirl and Haze Remover versus our competitor's products we concluded that if you need something more aggressive than our orange pad and polish you need to go to a body shop.


We've begun to notice that people are looking for a quick and easy solution to scratches and fish eyes in their paint so they look to a highly aggressive pad and overly aggressive polish to get the job done quickly. What they end up with is low spots in clear coat, leaving behind more scratches than they've removed, and in some instances damaged rubber and plastic trim.


After countless side by side comparisons we've found that no pad or polish will out perform patience, practice, and knowledge. :thumbsup:

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