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Headlight restoration


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Thought I'd share a recent headlight restoration with you guys.


First the product that I used:

Adam's claybar

Throwaway microfiber towel

2000 grit wet sand paper

Spray bottle with water

Adam's 4" focus pad set

Corded drill

Adam's SHR

Adam's FMP

Adam's MSW


So here's the story. A buddy of mine called this week and asked if I could help him fix a couple of things on a car that he had bought for his son. The first thing that he wanted fixed was that the gold emblems were very weathered. Simplest fix, ordered new ones off the Internet. They should be here by next week. Next he asked if I knew where to get new headlights, because the ones on the car were also very weathered and look faded. I did find some, for $500 plus each.:eek: I told him that i had an easy fix for those headlights and had him bring the car over to may house. He swore there was no way I could fix these headlights without just replacing them. As you can see, Adam's Polishes did it again.


I started out with a quick wipe down of both headlights and the immediate areas with water and a trash microfiber towel. Then I taped off all the paint around the headlights to prevent burning through the edges. Next I clayed the headlights themselves. Now that I knew I had a clean surface to work with, I attacked all the oxidation with the 2000 grit wet sand paper and the spray bottle. First make sure to soak your paper that you are using in a bowl of water to ensure that the paper is saturated. Next spray down the area that you are sanding. I sanded the entire headlight, because these headlights were very damaged. After the lights felt smooth to the touch through the sand paper, I wiped them down again with one of those junk microfiber towels. My next tool to attack this project was my trusty corded drill with my Adam's 4" focus pads. I started with the yellow pad and SHR. After one pass, my buddy's jaw hit the floor. I heard comments like, "how does that stuff do that". I just laughed and said it magic. I followed that up with a few passes with the orange pad an more SHR. Then the white pad with FMP. Topped it all off with the black pad and MSW.


Here is a picture of the passengers side headlight done and the drivers side showing the before.



Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed.

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