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Chipped paint



I was wondering if I should repair a paint chip before detailing my car. A car door slammed into my front guard and chipped or scraped off 2 small areas of paint.

It feels smooth, I can't feel the edges where the paint came off.

A friend (ex car painter) can fix it when he gets back to Auckland but not for another 4 weeks.

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I have the Dr. Color Chip and it's also VERY good. You can even order the paint from them.




Cheers Chris, I'll look at it too. I'll see if they ship to NZ. Ford doesn't keep paint samples in NZ. We have to get the paint shop to mix it. I have a black with blue pearl (Factory)

Just seen pictures of what my car could look like on a Ford Falcon forum. the detailing was done by a pro detailer - wow. Keen on having another go at my car with the Machine polishes / wax. He did use a rotary then a RO for selant. I have a DA. My mate was going to do it for beers + product.

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