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It's What's On the Inside That Counts Too!



There are plenty of post that show what Adam's products can do for the exterior of the car, but what about the interior? That same quality that goes into the products that make the outside "bling" also goes into the interior products. Thanks to Adam's Leather and Interior Cleaner, you too can have that bling!


As you can see by the photos below, the interior can pop too. I'm not one who is into too much interior bling, just enough to make it stand out a tad. Notice how lustrous the leather looks after one wipe down with minimal effort (unlike other cleaners that I have used).


Now for the photos!

















Give it a try. You'll love how this stuff goes on and how much dirt it removes! :banana:



The Junkman

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I post a thread and go out for a day full of work and you all have a field day! :willy:


I need you Junkman...:willy::willy:


Your car looks great as usual!!:bow::bow:


VG, whip me, spank me, make me your cabana boy! :banana::lolsmack:


Have I called you lately to tell you what a stud you are?



I've already given my body to Vette Girl. You'll need to fight her for it! :lolsmack:



Uh, Jason..........................................








Junk, you da man!


Make sure you shoot a post it note to Jason about that! :lol::lol::lol:


That is an awesome two-tone setup you got there. Not overdone, and a good balance of contrast :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Exactly what I was shooting for. :thumbsup:

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Kind of a change on this post but, J'Man what kind of floor mats are those, do they work good for holding stuff and will they go over the regular mats?






Because they have the holes for the hooks in the floor board, you want to use them by themselves. They do the most excellent job at protecting the carpet and because of their design. The mats hold liquids and other dirt in their dimples. I got them from Lloyd's. The best option you can go with if you use your Vette for a daily driver as they clean up easy and are sturdy as hell. I highly recommend. Once you get past the first month of urethane smell, you'll lov'em. :thumbsup:



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She wants to know if she gets the title to your Vette. I told her probably not and she said that would be a deal breaker. I guess that means no! lol.gif
:lol::lol: Good answer. :banana:


She's a keeper. Congrats..:thumbsup:

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