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Don't mean to be a bother

Stan DaMann

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Sorry guys, I don't mean to be a bother.


I had a wallpaper on my laptop (it fried, can't get pic back) of a picture I got some where in the forum a few months back.


It is a Black and White picture of a Black corvette. The member had hired

someone to take the shots and I really liked one of them.


I have browsed for quite a while now on various sections of the forum and cannot find them.


Does anyone know what pics I'm talking about and where I can find the member's posting?


Much appreciated.

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That's Nasty Z06's avatar!


Send him a pm and ask him to send it to you.


I am sure he will, but he also has it in his Photobucket slideshow. I'm behind 'protection' at work and can't get the link for you.


BTW, I got to rub all up on that beastly ride a few weeks back when Garry (premium) and I polished it. It's better in person and sound amazing!

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