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Spring Cleanup: Camaro SS

THE Mook

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Over the weekend, JD_SS asked me to help out with a detail he had planned. Being the nutjob I am, of course I said yes! He asked me to do the writeup, as I have a little more time at the moment to do so. :willy:


There was no correction done for this job. Of course all trim and tires were dressed, and the tips were polished. The Semi-Matte Wheels were treated with SVRT, and the wheel wells were treated with Undercarriage Spray.


Process: Foam-Strip IPA-Clay-FMP-Revive-MSW-Brilliant Glaze


Products Used: APC, Fender Brush, Powerstick, Boulder Blonde Brush, Lug n Trim Brush, Car Shampoo, Foamer, GWDT, Sidekick, Waterless Wash, Detail Spray, ClayBar, Fine Machine Polish, Machine Superwax, Revive Polish, Brilliant Glaze, Super VRT, Undercarriage Spray, Metal Polishes #1 and #2, DoubleSoft MicroFiber, SingleSoft Microfiber, BigBlue MicroFiber, Glass Cleaner, Glass Microfiber, Pro Tire Sponge, In n Out Spray, Elbow Grease, Porter Cable, Flex, 4" Pads where needed.



PReTreatBugswithWW.jpg <----PreTreated the bug guts with Waterless Wash for a good soak














JD_SS would like to thank you for stopping by, as would I! :rockon:

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