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Cleaned my Roommate's Truck



This is a 2001 Ford F-150, he is thinking about selling it and stepping up to a F-250 7.3L. Well this interior hasn't been cleaned since 2001, and I think that it was vacuumed maybe once the whole time he has owned it. I won't even tell you what the bed looks like under that tonneau cover :willy::willy::willy:


Anyways here are the results


Products Used:


Ridgid Shop VAC


Adam's Products


  • Leather & Interior Cleaner
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Red Foam Applicator
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
  • Carpet & Upholstery Brush
  • Adam's Edgeless Utility Towels

Driverside Floor Mat :eek:




Floor Mat Out (Thing was so soiled that it tore at the point by just moving it :confused:)


**See soiled spot where his foot normally sits



Broke out the Weapons



Set to Stream and soaked Soiled area



Sprayed rest of mat



After using the brush look at all the sand and grit down in the fibers. The C&U Brush is awesome! I was careful and avoided the "Lariat" stitching per Adam's advice in Vol. 6 DVD :2thumbs:




Done! (Spots that are dark are just still damp, let them sit out in this 90* weather and they dried right up!)




This is all the grit that came out by simply shaking it (yes that includes the globs of caked on dirt you see)



Now under the mats and the surrounding areas







Floor Mat Reinstalled and dried, you can see where there is hardly any carpet left where he rests his heel





Now the seats, I couldn't figure out why I didn't get as good results on his seats as I do on mine, but then again my seats get regularrlly conditioned and they are better quality. He has never had tint on the truck either and this Southern Heat/Sun has really treated it badly :(. Proof of what UV rays do to interior


Anyways Here we go!


What I started with :willy:


Seat Back (See soiled area near the "Lariat")



Pulled out My arsenal



This is what the seats looked like after LC



Then this is what the back looked like after just L&IC. It didn't remove that stain with the brush or towel. It was pretty nasty



I just did that little bit and the seats just to show him how the interior could look. But he doesn't want me to do anything to the truck :loser:. He just laughs at me when I spend over an hour on my truck :lolsmack:


It is a sickness though, but now he sees the before and after and the Passenger side vs. the driver side I hope he sees the light :pc:


How'd I do?

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Much better! Adam's can tackle the worst!:thumbsup:


I should have titled the thread "Adam's Arsenal Tackles the Worst" seriously that's what I almost named it. Good call. It is so amazing how simple the products are to use and the absolutely amazing results!


nice job Jeff!


Thanks Nick!

That leather is toast... It's plain wore down.


Looks good otherwise!




Yeah that's kind of what I thought. It sits in the sun everyday. He only drives it twice a week now because he has a work truck.

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Jeff, looks good.


Dumb question - Did you vacuum the floor mats before you cleaned them? I think your hand would of been cleaner if you did. If you did, WHOA those were some dirty mats.


Yeah vacuumed them twice! My Shop Vac needs to get the filter cleaned or changed most likely changed

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