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Amazing metal polish !!!



My '94 Corvette stays outside (under a cover) all year long...

I usually change back to the stock rims in late fall...

But this year winter came in early and hard so I had to leave my chrome rims on...

Today I cleaned the rims with Green Wheel Cleaner (twice), but there was still very heavy staining and dullness...

I really thought the rims were ruined...

So after cleaning them, I turned to Adam's Metal Polish (which I had never used before) and after spending a hour on each rim, the result is truely amazing. The shine on the chrome can only be described as brilliant.

You really need sunglasses to look at them in the sunlight...:glasses:

I just can't say enough about this product...

I've used just about every other metal polish on the market, and nothing ever did the job as well as Adam's...


Thank you so much for a truely amazing product... :2thumbs:

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I know Adams' metal polish is the best,like you i tried a lot of different polishes but nothing works as good or as fast as Adams. I was at a automotive swap meet earlier this year and a guy was selling adams products so i asked if he had aluminum polish ,i never heard of adams before and took a chance,glad i did awesome stuff!

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