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Clear Bra?



So My Dads 2001 BMW M3 is in major need of a polish and wax job once i get my PC kit. He has never waxed it since he bought it in 03, but id does spend 90% of the time in a garage covered.


It has a clear bra on it and the last time I washed it for him which was 3 years ago I noticed that the clear bra looks kinda faded, and its really going to look bad once the rest of the car is polished and Waxed


So is there any good way to clean up a clear bra and make it shine like the rest of the car so that you dont even notice its there (Hence the name clear bra)?


Also will a clear bra do any damage to the pads if you go over it with the PC. I would not think so but i figured i would check, its not like it has sharp edges or anything

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I did a test spot on my clear bra this week-end and I found that you can use SHR on a white pad. The orange pad is too aggressive for the vinyl of the clear bra. After the SHR I went to the FMP and then waxed.


This might just be my brand of clear bra (I have no idea what brand) but I did a small test spot on the bottom of the bumper where no one would have been able to tell if something went wrong.

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