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New from Arkansas - Black 2010 Camaro SS

Captain McFunk

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Hey guys, new guy here coming over from Camaro5.com forums. Dylan has helped me get started with my Adam's collection. I detailed cars about 5-7 years ago, but haven't gotten into it in awhile. Well the finish on my Camaro was getting bad quick, so I quickly amassed the following:


2 buckets w/ grit guards

Adams Car Shampoo

2 Adams 9x9 mitts

fire hose nozzle




gallon and bottle of the DS (LOVE this stuff)

PC Buffer


I'm waiting on some nice daily specials to come through to complete my collection (VRT, glass cleaner, PC pad kit, 4" pad kit, etc.)


Anyways, here's some pics of my car. I'll post up in the machine polishing thread with some pics of my finish to get some ideas on what process i should attack it with.











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Hey welcome!!! I'm on C5 too. Good color choice :2thumbs:


Thanks! I've seen your car and love your wheels!


Welcome. No words of mine can express the beauty of your car...is it lowered?


Thanks! Yes it's lowered 1.5" all around on Pfadt lowering springs. Also has a taller tire in the rear so it looks even closer to tucking.


Welcome Adam!




Love the car, especially this shot.


Haha thanks! It's amazing what a little HDR can do! ;)

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Thanks! I've seen your car and love your wheels!


Hi, thanks! Love the height of yours, can't talk my hubby into letting me lower mine, so I'm going to go with the sinister lower aero package for now.

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