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Cheaper really is more expensive



Got a generic rotary buffer from Harbor Freight and after watching a days worth of videos I decide to go to work. So I'm buzzing along my first pass of correcting my paint and go to do a spot and my left shoulder says "Hey, don't try it". My right should says "Just hit it quick, don't be a wuss." So I hit it, and the torque twists my wrist. In less then 2 seconds, burned paint.


Sooooo the PC is on the way. Should be here next week.


Oh, and I'll be making my first video on how to fix a burnt paint spot.


Anyone want to buy a lightly used rotary buffer?

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sadly, this is what i deal with everyday in my industry. Finding the cheapest guy to throw your TV on the wall and hook up your surround sound can have extreme consequences. (this also falls into the box stores)


By going with the cheapest will generally cost you 7-9 times more in the end then had you just spent the little extra money in the beginning (that rule can be applied to pretty much anything).


Sadly you had to learn the hard way, but it was a good lesson in the end eh?:(


now, hopefully we see some great results with the PC:banana::thumbsup:


Good luck:)

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It isn't nearly as expesive to do it right as it is to do it twice!


Depending on where in WV you are, you may be close enough to come by my place. I'll be hosting various events throughout the summer.


- Darryl

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Yes, it will burn paint quick.

The PC is what you need, you'll love it.

You're lucky it was just a cheap HF rotary, a top end one could have been much worst because they don't bog down as the HF model.


Good luck!

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