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What I get to detail soon!


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Kind of nervous but not to worried.


About 6 years ago my buddy and his dad purchased a Factory 5 Cobra replica kit. we built it all our selves with a bunch of friends, started with a stock 302 and now its a fully built dart block, 331ci , with a Vortech V2 SPL S-trim. Its in dire need of a detail. my buddy actually had someone just detail it, and i dont think they machine corrected it. still MANY swirls and light scratches. So i offered him a detail for me to redo it with only the best stuff, Adam's!


I think im going to 2 bucket wash it, clay, SHR, FMP, MSW, BG, Americana the whole car. I dont like whatever someone did to the whole thing. Hes happy with it, but I think I can make this whip really shine!


Heres some pics. Hoping to start it this week sometime.













More to come!

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Looks like a fun project. I live maybe 30 minutes from Factory Five, with only one town between mine and Wareham, and I keep meaning to go on a factory tour but I've never made it up there. One of these days...

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