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pc initiation.


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finally got a chance to break out my pc and put my studying of volume 7 and junkman vids to the test.


it took nine and a half hours, i did each step one after the other and never stopped working.


soaked, washed, clayed, washed x dryed, shr, fmp, bw.


the first pic basically shows what the condition of the paint was on the entire car. the second pic is an area that was destroyed by high winds and my car cover. i heard and ignored all the rumors about car covers and out door elements.


the pics to follow are the result of my first time pc work...


direct shot of the hood, direct shot of the trunk and a shot of the back pilar where all the major damage from the car cover was.

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Thanks guys, I really truly feel like I've been initiated into the adamsforums detailing gang lol.


You can sit back and watch as many vids as you want and look at/read as many threads as you want, but you have to just roll up your sleeves and do it.


Dont know what im going to do about that cover, I thought I was good since it was "quality" and made specific to fit the car etc. I mean, I had the cover on the car and the car parked in the same spot for about two months straight, in the winter, with extreme weather and winds :eek: so i know I am to blame.


When I took the cover off and saw all those scratches I was sick to my stomach.


The internetz led me to the land of Adam, I feel great that I was able to take care of those scratches on my own :willy:


Now I need to figure out exactly where I'm going to place my Adams window decal sticker! :king:

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thanks guys, i really enjoyed the whole experience even though it was 9.5 hours and my aching back kept me tossing and turning all night lol.


not to mention my girlfriend was busting my b@lls about the amount of money i've spent on adams products and challenged me to show her what all the fuss was about...


my dads car and her grandfathers truck are next! :burnout:



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