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MSW and rain...



So I have searched and searched but can only find when after applying MSW and it's damp outside it will take longer to cure. I'm curious about an outright downpour during the curing process and how badly it can affect the MSW. It seems every time I go to do the whole correction process that the weather man changes his story and a 5% chance of rain has become 100% chance of thunderstorms. Unfortunately my detailing dungeon is outside in the driveway because some idiot thought a carport was sufficient for my needs at the time. Should i just put it off for another day like i have been doing for 2 months, very angry about this, or just go with it and let it cure for longer? I'm really anxious to see how the MSW works as i haven't ever tried a sealant, only traditional waxes.

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Not only rain, humid conditions will make MSW take longer to dry (cure) also.


So, barring the weather condition have we 100% found that 12 hours plus is the magic number to wait minimum OR can it be 6-8 if weather is hotter, drier?

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