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Some pics of my old 5.0 and bike!!!!

Sizzle Chest

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Dug up some old pics of my 5.0 and scanned them! Car was a 1990 LX hatch, 5.0, 5 speed. I bought the car new in 1990! I LOVED this car! It was the shizzle back then!! lol.



A few pics:


(I still have the original window sticker!)










You can see the nitrous nozzle and braided lines going into the air intake before the tb in the upper left of pic:















And a shot of me in it! LMAO!





Track pics were taken at Atco Dragway in NJ. I was running High 12's with the car back then which was flying. Mods were: 3.55's, McCreary 'cheater' slicks, 2 chamber flows, K&N filter, bumped the timing to 14 degrees, pulled the silencer out of airbox, and a 150 Compucar shot.



Other pics with it all 'Jersey'd' out were with some 5-star wheels on it (don't remember the brand) and some hideous tape striping and graphics! The good old days! LMAO!!


These brought back some memories and a few laughs/smiles from me today!



Anywho...I'm back in a Ford!







Same story as my 5.0 pics. Found some old pics and scanned them.


2000 Yamaha R6. Carbs were flowed/balanced, Yosh exhaust (then a D&D), sprockets changed-1 down up front, a few up in the back, I cleaned up the ports in the head, K&N filter, and I mod'd the airbox. Bike put down like 108hp back then, which was pretty **** good for a 600.


Used to go up to TN/NC every June with my buddy Jordan with his Triumph 955 for a run through the mountains. Great times and some good fun! I loved this **** bike! Had a ton of fun...

Was time to get rid of it though after I dumped it the second time. Glad I did, too many friends have gotten ironed out on them.


On to the pics...





















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Guest Jay.B

Awesome pics! It's always great to find old pics like these. I had a '94 5.0 convertible that I had for about 7 years (the longest I've ever had a vehicle) and I miss the sound of it as well. Everytime I see the pics of it it makes me miss it, but, if i had a GT500 in my garage I don't think I would miss it too much then :2thumbs:.


I love my 4Runner, but it's not a Mustang. I hope to have another one someday :xfingers:.

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Nice! I'll never forget being a kid and seeing the 5.0's driving around Brooklyn and Staten Island with the flowmasters. I miss that.


+ 10000 on that ....


im still trying to get 1 lol about 2 spring agos me and jeff went hunting and mostly we found overpriced pieces of rust held together with bondo


also didnt know u lived in NJ originally and

didnt know that you rode

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