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First time using Adam's.



Ok if you read my new member post, I have been fighting the urge to take a day and use all my Adam's goodies. Urge won! only thing better than a 3 day weekend is a 4 day weekend!


The car 08 Mustang GT. Vapor Silver. Bought used last year. Basically is my DD, because I enjoy it so much. Car sits outside year round. doesn't fit in my garage.


Overall very happy with the results. During the process there was a minor emergency I needed to tend to so some shortcuts were taken.


The process:

two bucket wash

DS and clay bar: I don't think the car has ever when clayed.....used half the bar and just about entire bottle of DS..didn't clay the glass in fear of running out.


Buttery Wax

SVRT on the usual suspects.

Still need to clean glass, waiting for the sun to go down.


What I learned:

1) Turn off the cell phone when spending quality time with my car.

2) I need to improve my technique to really let the shine through.

3) i need a pc.

4) I love buttery wax and SVRT.

5) I have the enthusiam to hand polish and wax a tractor trailer, but, the energy level to only polish and wax a smart car!


And now on to the pics.....






wait i forgot, batteries died in the camera when taking pics..... everyone loves a little suspense, right? I'll post em in a bit!


ok here's a couple pics :




Look out for killer by the front door!










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very nice job...i dunno if it's the polish and wax job, but your stang looks like it's tungsten grey...i have no problem with that of course because i have a tungsten grey 07 :)


get that pc...i'll be getting one very soon

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