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Water Spot stain



buddies 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 has a good size , what looks to be a water stain for keeping drinks between his legs he said. CUC just to remove this? i tried a test on a small area and let it dry for a day and he said he still could see it.


the seats are the factory racing seats, dont think it was cloth. just that wierd mesh/perforated fabric inserts.



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yeah i tested one spot with the CUC and the brush and he said it still was there the next day but not as pronounced, so I'll just see if we can do another round or two to lift the stain out.



1) Spray CUC.. let dwell for some time

2) Agitate with some manner of brush (softer bristles as indicated)

3) BLOT with Clean MF- check to see if anything is lifting

4) Wipe with clean MF


My headliner I needed to do two passes on... in part because I didn't let dwell long enough and did not agitate enough first pass.


CUC is one of the Adam's products I RAVE about to anyone who will listen, and not just for cars! :thumbsup:

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Soak the entire section of the seat with CUC, follow with a wet towel... very wet. Then use something like a bissell Little Green Machine, or a wet/dry shop vac to pull the moisture back out of the seat.


Without getting it liquified and extracting the moisture out just scrubbing at it won't fix it.

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