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two clay theory



Well during some down time after a detail run I've come to a conclusion.


I think for the very "lower" rocker portion I'm going to use an old clay bar as it is of my opion that you may pickup some "larger" dirt particles in this area. Even with folding clay and such you do have a chance of getting the (larger) dirt particles coming to bare on surface.


Just a thought of mine.:grouphug:

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Too old though and you run the risk of putting more scratches in the paint.


I get your thinking though.



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I'll use a brand new clay bar for everywhere from the hood/roof/etc, down to the beltline first. Then after I'm satisfied up top I'll do the bottom portions of the vehicle below the beltline and finish up with the lower rockers.


I'll then finish this clay off with the wheels and underside of the rockers.


Pretty much what your thinking :thumbsup:

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