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What to get?



I hope that this will be in the correct area...if not...please move it to where it needs to be.


I was given a g/c from a very good friend for some of Adams stuff. Trouble is...is that I don't know what to get. My truck is a Superduty...so don't know if the sampler packs will give me enough product to cover the truck.


My budget...even with the g/c...won't allow me to go real crazy with stuff...so I need to keep the total bill in the $100 to $150 range.


So...what is ya'lls opinion. I'm dying to try Adams...altho right now with lows coming up near zero I may not get the chance until it warms up.



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My first exposure to Adam's was the sampler pack. It is a nice kit the only problem is that it got me hooked on this stuff! The most important thing, in my mind any way, is to get started with a good wash. I would suggest the Sampler Kit, a wash pad, grit guard for your wash bucket, some under carriage spray, and all purpose cleaner. A clay bar would be beneficial too. I think that would be a great start. :2thumbs:

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:iagree: Both good suggestions.


The Shiny Paint Box kit and add the clay bar would be a great starter setup. :banana:


That supplies everything you need to get your trucks shine turned around. All for around $100.

Then if you like (and you probably will :D) you can take it to the next level as you desire.

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