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mini cooper hardtop v. clubman


Which Mini would you get for your GF/Wife  

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  1. 1. Which Mini would you get for your GF/Wife

    • Mini Cooper Clubman
    • Mini Cooper Hardtop

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trying to get my gf a Mini cause thats what she wants


they both get 39 mpg which is awesome


which one do you guys prefer? if you were getting one which would it be...


not the colors just strictly body looks and also the clubman does add an extra foot of space in the trunk/hatch






Hardtop :



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hardtop. My dad had one and just traded it off for a lowly mazda2.. I actually enjoyed driving the mini and being it was a 6 speed it was fun to drive. If you do get it make sure you get a good warranty since BMW owns mini and thinks highly of their parts.

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