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Finally used my MSS, BG, and Americana! (pics inside)



I've been working on machine polishing my car 2-3 hours per night off and on over the past 2 weeks and I finally finished it.


The downside to machining a panel or two per night is that you can get water spots on the areas you finished before you finish the whole car. Then, you have to go back and machine those panels again to remove the water spots. Ugh! Now that I'm better at it and know some tricks to get much faster results, I figure I can get the whole machining job done in one full day so I won't have to worry about the car seeing the elements until I'm all finished.


Also, I used tape all over the place while machine polishing to avoid getting dust in the cracks, but then the thin line created on either side of the tape was very difficult to remove. I'll definitely deal with the dust rather than the tape residue next time.


The car had machine super sealant applied last night and then brilliant glaze and one coat of Americana tonight. I snapped quick pictures tonight with the iPhone in the garage so the quality is poor, but I'll take the wife's Canon 5D Mark II out tomorrow around dusk and snap some better ones.


The results are a lot better than you can see in the pictures. I'm very happy although I think I applied the Americana way too thick. I put a pretty good dent in the tub, but the stuff applies so beautifully that I couldn't help but slather it on. lol











another of the hood:


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