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Boss wants me to save her interior, need advice.



Ok, so one of my supervisors learned that I detail cars, and she wanted to know if I can detail the interior of her newish-trailblazer. It is really bad. Her kids (and husband?) have smeared gum and taffy and grease all over the car. It is thick, and black, and sticky, and all over the cloth seats and the carpet. The stuff looks to be pretty intense, and I am not sure I can save it. I don't have access to an extractor or a shop vac (don't ask) so all I have to go on is C&U, L&I, and LC. I have some pics, sorry about the crappy cell phone camera.









That last picture is taffy, by the way.


Also, if I were to detail the interior, how much should I charge? I really have no idea on the price, as I have only done exterior details on cars I don't own. It DOES look to be alot of work, but I don't want to make my boss think I'm trying to rip her off.


Thanks for any advice you can give!

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Haha, you guys aren't exactly being very encouraging.


I don't have much C&U right now, so I am going to order more ASAP. As for right now, I am going to bring the interior brush and what remains of my C&U to work tomorrow, and if she is there, during my lunch I'll do a test spot on a seat to gauge how hard this will be.

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Chris should of linked the gallon of C&U cleaner :jester:


That is some nasty interior. Do you access to carpet cleaner (maybe your sup. has one)? It would help a ton on that carpet.


I'll can tell you this, you will be making multiple passes on each area to get them clean. You will also go through a bunch of towels. Make sure you have both interior brushes, you will need them.


As for price - You could charge by the hour, or come up with a flat fee. For something like that, I would be in the $100-$150 range. It looks like it going to take the better part of a day to clean.


Good Luck :xfingers:

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I would try some APC on it that may help lift some of the dirt.

With the taffy get some ice cubes in a plastic bag and let it sit on the taffy for 10 minutes this will harden it and make it easier to remove.but first of all try the APC on a hidden part of trim to make sure it is safe.

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