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Refreshing the 3kGT Parts 2, 3 and 4


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Part 2...

Sorry for my delay in getting more of the refresh posted. I don't have a good reason for not doing it sooner, but as the saying goes, better late than never.


If you missed the first part you can see it here:



Aside from the hatch strip another big problem with the 3000GT's is the Lexan headlights. They are clear coated from the factory (and one of only 2 parts that get clear on the non-metallic paint cars) and as you will see, that clear coat will fail. I can only describe the clear coat failure as ugly, it looks like the headlights have scabs. It doesn't hurt the light output (at least on my car) but it is ugly as sin. The options are to take the units to a body shop and have them strip and re-clear, or get your hands dirty and fix it yourself.








After getting the tools I needed I started by removing both headlight units. I had picked up a good selection of wet/dry sand paper and began with 800 grit and worked my way to 2500. It was a slow process, especially in the beginning since the clear that hadn't started flaking didn't want to come off. Once the clear was gone I was able to work my way up to the 2500 grit pretty easily.








After I was content with the sanding I put both units back in and broke out the Adam's products. 4in pad kit, drill, PC, and all the necessary polishes. I started out using the drill, which was rough until I got the hang of it. I used SSR, SHR, and FMP to bring the lexan back to life.








And now the finished products...





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Part 3...

Now that the headlights were done, it was time to tackle something larger. How about that ugly hazed up hood? I gave the car a wash, and clayed the whole thing with Adam’s clay until it was smooth as glass. Then I brought out the PC, pads and polishes. I taped off my test section and went to work. A couple passes of all three polishes made the finish look amazing, and I was content with my process.





















After that I worked on the rest of the hood and got it where I wanted it. It’s not perfect but I know you’ll agree it’s 1000x better than before. I then put a couple of coats of MSS on (allowing for proper dry/cure time between coats).



Looks like I didn't get all the polish off before these pics...





Of course, when I finished the sun was down, but I did snap this pic a day later after a quick rain storm. Notice the difference between the hood and front bumper...


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Part 4...

It had taken me a while a while to get back to fixing the paint on the car, as it’s been 100+ in the garage every day for what seems like months. This past week I finally got some cooler temps so I decided to take care of one of the worst parts of my car, the wing. Every time I looked at it I cried a little, it was in that bad of shape. After a good claying the PC got some good use. Two passes with SSR, SHR and FMP brought it back to what you see below. It needs more work but my pads clogged with paint so it’ll have to wait for another day. The results are impressive though, I couldn’t be happier with the performance of Adam’s Products!

















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Thanks everyone! I really appricate the compliments! Hopefully I can put in some hard work on it in the next week or two and get part 5 posted up.



Good work man! After seeing that car in person a time or two, I can tell just in pics, BIGGGG Turn Around!




I can't wait to get the rest of it knocked out so I can come back down and show you guys the turn around. I think you'll be impressed even though you see Adam's awesomeness all the time.

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