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anyone with carfax?


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car fax is absolutely useless, you are MUCH better off finding a reputable mechanic to check it over.


I say this because my brand new 2010 GMC truck was a lemon. I was curious and carfaxed the vin 5 months after i got rid of it to see if any of my issues had shown up. Sure enough the only thing that showed up was a oil change that the dealer had done when they pumped die through the block. Also, i found out through my lawyer that dealerships/mechanics are not required to report what was done to the vehicle.

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As someone once told me -- ".... be smart, CarFax charge you for a service that they themselves get for nothing! Their information is gathered from the vehicle's state licensing agency. Make a phone call yourself, provide the vehicle's neccessary details and they'll provide you the EXACT same information CarFax does.... for free!"


I'm assuming the vehilce is in your state of residence, correct?


Click onto the image below...






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