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MSS to bare paint??



I did about 3 weeks ago this

1.swirl & haze

2.machine polish

3. revive



I since now have the MSS.

Question: Do I just buff a coat of mp on it then mss?


I have glaze and Americana on the way but want to do the MSS before the glaze and Americana shows up.

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strip? as in wash with dawn?


Yes. Dawn, APC/Soap Mix, or IPA panel by panel.


With any waxes or glaze being under the MSS it won't setup properly. Visually i don't think you'd see any problems, but the sealant certainly isn't gonna stick around very long which somewhat defeats the purpose of it.


If you don't want to strip it down right now then add another coat of wax for the time being and save the full strip and buildup process for another time.

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