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Correct Bolt Size for Porter Cable Handle Removal



I've seen some threads and even the Junkman mention in one of his videos that if you want to remove the handle you need to replace it with a bolt so the plastic cover doesn't slip off. However, I haven't seen anyone specify the correct size. So I'm gonna save you all a lot of time and give you the answer ! :pc:


It's in metric. The correct bolt is: 8m 1.25 x 25mm. Fits perfectly with no excess hanging out.

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So I'm gonna save you all a lot of time and give you the answer ! :pc:


Where's the fun in that? :D


I never checked to see what size it was but I had a perfect size bolt just lying around and I just used that. I do remember it was metric though, as you say.

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But now your poor deprived PC doesn't get to go for a ride to the hardware store. They love going for a ride in the car with their backing plate hanging out the window :jester:


I actually just brought my handle and screwed it into the nuts on the size chart to see which one fit best.


But funny story... I was ringing up at the self checkout, had it clearly showing in my back pocket and the lady that was "chaparoning" the self check out reprimanded me for trying to lift it from the store. I calmly told her this was mine and probably not even sold in the store, but was more than happy to stand around if she would like to check every isle. :jester:


I can't imagine the fit she'd have given if I was trying to "lift" a porter cable not sold the the HD. :pc:

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Seems to be hit or miss if the head cover comes off. I have 2 PC's currently, both without the handle on them. 1 the cover slipped off easily without a bolt, the other wouldn't budge. Its weird.


To answer the question, depends on how old your machine is, but here are the possible sizes:



From the Porter Cable website/parts lists...


105 // 699681 //AUX HANDLE // 5/16-18 THD., DATE CODE 2009-10 AND EARLIER


105 // 149142-00 // HANDLE,SIDE // M8x1.25 THD., DATE CODE 2009-11 AND LATER

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