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SRT Meet at Quebec (pictures)


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Hi, I would like to share with you a meeting with Club SRT Quebec this last weekend. About 40 SRT car from Quebec to go to a orchard on "l'Ile d'Orleans". After the day, we go to the restaurant for a great dinner, about 92 peoples present.


Here is some pics. In the first pictures, my car is the Red Caliber SRT4.
















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very nice! SRTFTW! looks like lx SRT meet to be, no fat rhino jeeps out there :D haha


In spring there was a guy he had a JGCSRT8, but he sold it. It is a beast that is expensive to run for a daily drive. There is some people that have JGCSRT8 on the SRT quebec forum, but not present this day.


It's always a good day in company of these guys.

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Man some people got really creative and put SRT's into C6's! I think my favorite SRT's right now would be the Jeep or Challenger. Either way all of them are great cars.


My favorite is the challenger, but it's not the same price of my caliber srt4 :)

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Where abouts are you guys? Area looks like Bromont?


The guys came from Quebec, Montreal, Gatineau/Hull, Sherbrooke, Rimouski, Baie-Comeau and some others city in Quebec province.


Bromont is a city near Monteal and "Ile d'orleans" is near the city of Quebec.

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