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A few of a race car :)


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There is a huge car show on the Mississippi gulf coast next week..... so needless to say I have been busy getting vehicles ready! I worked on a friends car this past week. this car has 203,xxx on the odo, although the drivetrain is "newish".


On to the car:

Started with a strip wash (Dawn) and cleaned the rubber off the fenders and quarter's.

He wasn't looking for perfection but anything was better than what its current state was. I only went for the big guns! We did 3 passes of SSHR, then 2 Passes of SHR with the PC7424. The results we received from just these to pads were nothing short of amazing!

Then a coat of MSW to top it off! The finish was awesome.

This was one of those details where the car owner had a price in mind and we worked out what we could for the best results for him. I would say he was thrilled and got his money worth!


I did not get any before pics due to lighting and time constraints I had. But here are the afters







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Looks great! Any more info on the car?


Yea, it's a stock cube 347 aluminum block with some stage II wcch 241 heads milled and ported, a fast 90/90 with a big cam. It's a built 60e auto with a 4,200 converter and a little spray....... I think the car has been some low 10's. It's a street car for real! He drives it most everyday.

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