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Detailed: 2007 F150


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This truck was dropped off at my house with low expectations. The finish was "swirled beyond repair" the owner said. I looked at the couple and said, don't worry, I have done this once before.


Inside was cleaned first with the leather and Interior Cleaner and CUC. Then I started with a two bucket wash due to the filth of this truck. I first did wheels and tires and fender wells with (dawn) and APC, and fender brush and a wash mitt for the wheels.


I then took to the paint with steel wool....... haha j/k, wanted to see if you were paying attention. But really I washed the top of the vehicle down with a Adams wash pad. Then I tackled the front of the vehicle to get the bugs off. After 10 minutes of diluted APC on the bugs, they almost washed off with no scrubbing! I then followed up by just running the wash pad over to get off any residue.


I got the vehicle inside and dried the windows (I found that this drastically helps reducing the hard water spots caused by acidic water, esp if you aren't using a ph formulated soap like Adams Shampoo). Then the clay bar laughed at me the entire time I worked the sand box, I mean paint......


The finish was now ready to perform a full polish/correction. This couple didn't intend on the paint being perfect, but I did. Started on the hood with SSHR and it just smeared across the top like I was wasting my time. The poor porter cable was working so hard on the hood, I knew the entire day would be wasted If I stayed with this method.


So the day before I had received my flex from dylan with the pads. I was going to wait but decided, meh it can't really hurt to try it! So I worked the green one pass the orange one pass and pulled it in the sun to check it. Wow, it was near perfect before the FMP. The entire vehicle got that treatment.


Then SVRT was used along with glass cleaner to finish it all up!


Pic to justify the work:












The marks you see left are so deep that It would require more than what the customer and I talked about price wise to get corrected! They were deep!





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thanks!!!! I know the customer is sold on the products! My dad recently told me he couldn't understand why I spent a good amount of money on products I order online. he Is the used car manager at a local Chevrolet dealership. He said, we buy in bulk and can get a good deal.


He saw the results on this truck and although they are far from perfect in my eyes, he was amazed and needless to say the owner of the Dealership might send me a few of their details :) Wish the customer would have wanted perfect, it wouldn't have taken much but the time I spent on it already was more that i had anticipated! Oh well there is always next time!


Dylan did you get my text yesterday?

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