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did some shoppin in the last week


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Well Im gonna merge two threads into one from another forum to this great forum I got some good deals recently and wanted to share.


well I spent a few bucks today let me know if you think i got some good deals. The sears repair/outlet store by me is closing down and the third sat of the month is the day they mark everything down so I went there today and there wasnt a huge selection of great stuff but I did get these things

gear wrench wratcheting wrenches both standard and metric for 46 bucks apiece marked down from 69.00.

A new gas weed wacker 25cc listed for i think $144.99 for $109

they had refurbed 19.2 drill driver and impact driver each with a battery and a charger with markdowns $75

a refurbed hammer drill 19.2 volt for $41 bucks after markdowns and finally a 4 piece out door furniture set with cushions and table was originally 800 bucks for 234 bucks. it was an expensive day I thought I did ok got some smaller misc. stuff as well. Just dont tell my wife I bought the second set of drill drivers she will shoot me.



the blue locking pliers i got for 10 bucks from lowes.



Ill continue on the next reply.

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and here is part 2


well I think I did pretty good today the normal stuff I got the US General 5 drawer cart for 160 bucks from 300 so im happy with that( no pics everyone knows what it looks like). But the real haul was this--







total for the above pictured $5 dollars yes I said it right $5shocking.gif

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Great buys Dan, especially that $5.00 haul, that's Olympic class shopping!:thumbsup:


My wife, the Queen of Clearance, got our patio set for just under $300.00. She got the 6 chairs and cushions on clearance at Menards, regularly $64.95 each reduced to $29.95 each. She didn't like the table that came with so she went to Sears and got a Jacklyn Smith patio table on closeout for $100.00. She also later found a tete a tete at Menard's that was $79.00 reduced from $149.00. I had liked the tete a tete but thought it too expensive back in early summer.I'll post up pics tomorrow.


Here's the tete a tete:



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Guest Gone & Forgotten

I got a 3 month used 2011 Camaro LS with factory 20" wheels and Pzero Tires for $22k. Then I got 15% off of Adam's this weekend!

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very nice! Since im a young guy i dont have much tools for working on my car up at school. But went to lowes when they were resetting their kobalt like and got like $400 bucks worth of tools for $160 ;). I have those pliers too! now im a little different because those are tools that look like what my grandpa had haha. really cool though!

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