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Ok... I screwed up and know it... :--(



i know this is my fault and know what i did wrong. in a nutshell, i bit off too much of a job and couldn't get it done and then got a couple of business calls i had to handle from home while i was in the middle of this. so here's what i did...


i was trying to get my black buick grand national slicked up for one of the years final cruises. people here that know me know i'm a newbie to car detailing... i can build you a racecar but i'm probably not your first choice to detail your car unsupervised. i had claybarred the trunk and hood and then green pad S&H product it and then fine machine polish and sealed it. so last night i claybarred the roof, and today claybarred the rest of the car. then i did the whole car with the green stuff. ran out of gas and couldn't do anymore so the car is covered in compound dust and i thought ''ok.. i'll just wash the car off and get the dust off..'' i did with adams car shampoo and the did a pooling rinse and then'.... RING.... phone goes off and i'm stuck having to deal with something. when i was done it hit me the black cars sittin out in the sun and is water spotted to crap... :( i wiped it down a little and that didn't help and tried using some detail spray but the car is now so hot the spray just steams off.


so... what do i do now? i'm thinking i just need to go to machine polish and continue until i get it sealed. i know, i shouldn't have been so energetic and done so much at one time. but i was trying to get a lot done today so saturday i could go to a cruise and have it shimmer and wear my new adams t shirt and impress everybody. now i'm afraid adam or lynn is gonna call me and tell me they want to buy my new shirt back cause i'm an embaressment...


is my idea of just not worrying about the spots and continuing with a clean car with the next step and the spots will come off? i'm concerned cause when i green stuffe it i took all the existing wax off.


ok... call me dumb and let the flaming begin..... :lolsmack:


one thing for sure i learned a lesson

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Clay would be my go to, but SHR and FMP will probably work as well.


If they're REALLY bad, white vinegar may be another avenue.


Black sucks for many reasons, and you found one of them! lol


Oh, and don't wear the shirt to the cruise... :lol:



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if the car is clean, and you've already claybarred it, i would do the vinegar trick, then move onto FMP. doesn't sound like you have a lot of time, so i would do a test panel with just FMP and see if your satisfied before doing SHR, then FMP.


the water spots are "new" so they won't be difficult to remove! try working early in the morning or late at night this time! :2thumbs:

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i don't have any plain vinegar. would paul neumans italian salad dressing be ok or will the garlic give my car bad breath..... :D


more annoying than damage. i've gotten some of them off already. from now one i'm gonna be a one fender and one door at a time guy for everything and then move to another part.

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