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Is this pad shot?



This pad is only a few weeks old... once I was done using it I used APC to clean it, then washed it off, let it dry for 4 days outside, and then put it in an unsealed ziplock bag. I put it with the rest of my detail supplies and took it out for the first time since then to realize it had mold on it. I tried to clean it off but the pad started to fall apart in places, even where there was no mold.


The weird thing is my orange pad had some mold on it, but it cleaned right off with no damage to the pad. My black pad had no visible mold, but i cleaned it anyways and no damage done there either. :confused:


Here are some pics. What do you guys thing? Should I replace it?







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It may have a little life in it, from know on I wouldn't store them in a plastic bag even if they are dry.


Yeah, I did the plastic bag thing for a month or two with pads and towels. But if they are stored out of a high dusting/dirty area, it's a waste IMHO. Just let them dry and store them face down. This way any residual water won't drain back into the backing pad and mess with the glue.


I know you don't want to hear it, and you want to get back to detailing, but for $12, get a new pad. Think of the hours and hours that go into correcting your paint. If you have some swirls or scratches you can't get out....I would be blaming the pad in the back of my head. Take that out of the equasion and start fresh. Next time, just keep them on your grit guards until your ready to use them next time (or get a box fan like someone posted before).

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ziplock bag


NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER put your foam pads into a ziplock bag... even if you think they're 100% dry. What you're looking at there is foam deterioration caused by moisture that was still in the pad being held in by the bag. That pad will likely just continue to crumble and fall apart as you use it. You need to replace it.





So the common concern usually comes to me something like this.


"I cleaned my pads just like in the video and put them in a plastic bag when I was done. When I went to use them the next time they were crumbling and falling apart. Did I get defective pads?"


This situation is pretty common, people assume that storing their pads and other foam accessories in a plastic bag is a good way to keep them safe. Why wouldn't it be right? You want to keep them completely clean and ready to use... but the problem comes from moisture. Even a small trace of moisture still trapped deep within the pads will lead to mildew when the pad is stored in a bag, this will cause the pad to weaken, deteriorate, and in some cases even completely turn to a pile of foam pad crumbs. Never EVER store a foam accessory in a sealed, air tight container. Even if you think its 100% dry, theres a good chance there is still some moisture in the pad.


There have even been cases where pads that were never used get sealed in a bag when the ambient humidity is extremely high, the results are the same. The moisture trapped in the bag destroyed the pad.

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The only time I put them in a bag is for overnight while correcting. I don't do it much anymore, because I have a large pad collection. I've never sealed them after drying. Just place them in a cabinet in the garage.



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