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New from Texas - Checking in!


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I am new to the Adam's products, but from what I have read and seen on this forum has made me want to give the Adam's products line a try since nothing off the shelf seem to do the trick. I have just placed an order for quite a few of the products to start with and I will go from there.


I have attached a few pictures to this post so you can see how my truck started and what it looks like now along with a pic of my wife's 2010 Chrysler 300S. I can't wait to get my new products in so I can get started on both vehicles.




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First, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and I can't wait for my stuff to come in so that I can really detail the truck and the 300! ;)




How did you go about changing the bumpers from chrome to black on the 355?


I actually had all of them painted by a professional painter, they are still chrome underneath.

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