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'99 Accord Door Jamb Cleaning



So I'm still doing my full detail on the DD...I'm lucky enough to let my car sit in the carage while we drive the other 2 cars, so I can take my time. I don't know how you guys do it without a garage :(


Here's some quick pics of the door jamb cleaning. I did all the door jambs, and lubed all the hinges with some spray lube designed for garage door chains.


1. Soaked area's with 50/50 APC


2. Worked with all purpose boars hair


3. Rinsed with pressurized sprayer, all-purpose MF, and rinse bucket


4. Dryed with black all-purpose towel


Sorry about the random pics...you know by now I'm not a photographer :)




























Thanks for looking.

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Now put some SVRT on the seals and make those POP!


Ha! Yeah, already did (except this time I with with the Leather Conditioner on the seals)...just finally posting the pics. Its currently sealed up with 2 Dry Rid buckets ensuring I don't have any left over moisture from the carpet and seat cleaning :)

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looks good! funny us car people need everything clean, including the areas you cant see 99% of the time! haha


Thanks. I agree...if I see it and it's dirty, it will bug me until I clean it. That's the way we all are I'm sure :)

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