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So I haven't been saying alot about my car alot on here lately. Well I decided to share something that has been going on for the past month or so. As you all know I had some issues with the vinyl stripes on my Camaro. They were peeling off after the they were reapplied when the rear of the car was repainted due to some paint issues that came from the factory and need to be fixed. So I took the car back for a third and hopefully final time to get all this fixed. Well after three weeks of being in the shop I decided hey let me check on the car in person this week to the progress thats being made. Well to my shocking discovery it didnt look like anything was changed or even started on. They were suppose to redo the door jams and underneath the trunk. So maybe that was done but who knows. So during my visit I see a 2011 Camaro getting the stripes painted on and I was like whoa thats really nice. Something I've wanted to my camaro for awhile now. Well the collision manager told me I think we are gonna do this to your Camaro as well. The manager said his body guy hates vinyl and it'll be alot easier to do in this instead of vinyl in this case. So as I was leaving the manager reassure me he would most likely go the painted route instead of replacing the stripes. Let me tell you I am very pleased to hear that. I wasn't even upset it was sitting there three week with little progress, lol.



Here are the pics finally, lol. Sorry its taken me so long to post them. The car isn't perfect still some minor imperfections but the painter told me to look it over good and bring it back if I saw anything. Enjoy!








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The dealership has been super busy and the painter that's doing the work does good work. He has a old Plymouth Superbird that I seen him do so I knows he knows what hes doing. I was a little upset to know it was sitting there that long with little to no progress but I bit my tongue a little when they told me they were gonna be painted on for no charge. I didn't really have time set up for to have it done by considering I don't drive it everyday and by all means I want it done right this time so I want them to take a little extra time to make sure its right this time.


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