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R6 ready for winter! pictures!

J Tegeler

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Today with my day off from work I decided it was time to get my bike ready for winter. I went for one last good ride last week and this bike was dirty! so I pulled it out of the garage in the morning and got to work on it.


-50% APC on wheels and tires

-WW soaked bugs on front

-Foam gun

-9X9" wash pad on large areas

-Trim and lug brugh on small areas


-misted with DS

-leaf blower to blow water out

-dryed with the great white and WW towels


Now that the bike was clean, it was time to start the real "detailing"

- metal polish 1 and 2 on the wheels and all metal trim

- meatal polish combo on the exhaust

- SVRT on the flat black panel, mirrors and trim plastic

- SVRT tires

- Buttery wax


on to some pictures!
























Where it will sit for the winter :( got it all covered up and battery tender ready now

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