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  1. hello detail dudes! making a shopping list I just bought a 2017 cadillac ATS with 14,000 miles. 2.0T w/AWD. the paint is in very good shape, but i think it could use a little touch up. i was thinking, maybe a good washing, claybar and adams polish or one step, then wax not sure which to use. paint has minor swirl marks. nothing crazy. i have a porter cable and a flex 3401. also i want to clean and condition the leather seats. they are a little dirty, again nothing crazy. which products are best to clean and condition the interior? thanks for any help, ideas. i hope everyo
  2. Spent the weekend with my Flex 3401. Love the results of the new Correcting Polish, Paint Sealant, ECO APC , Interior detailer and Tire shine! Special shout out to the In and Out Spray! wow that stuff is awesome!! 2013 Camaro SS Daily driver with 52,000 miles. (kooks headers and other go fast goodies) Thanks for making it easy Adam!
  3. yeah especially since he just bought the car and was still in the honeymoon phase
  4. Excellent info guys, thanks a lot! I will try the older pad and see how that works, probably end up getting the smaller backing plate too!
  5. i recently had to dust off the 3401 to correct the hood on a car. i went to GPC bought a bottle of the new orange correcting polish and a new 5.5 inch orange pad. The pad was too small for the backing plate on the 3401. I still used the smaller pad which worked really well but my old man about crapped pancakes when he saw the exposed backing plate. Does Adams have new pads for the flex? OR would my original orange pad still be work with the new formula? thanks! 2014 Ford Police Interceptors 3.5L twin turbos
  6. if you need a "detail" vehicle, my 2013 Ashen Grey Camaro has plenty of swirl marks and dirty quad exhaust tips... the windows are dirty too! My dad lives a few miles away from GPC and I will be in the area visiting him.
  7. They sure do look sharp! I was actually surprised by the amount of people that would say, nice car, to me. It just an 1LT, nothing fancy schmancy, but the black is like a mirror now
  8. It is a lot of work, but when people start complimenting your ride you will know where that extra time went
  9. Thanks Terry. I do believe that Chevy call those 19 rims "bright aluminum" I could be wrong. They were about a $760 option above the standard 18 inch rims that are on the 1LT. I like the no spoiler look as well. It also has a sunroof, that connectivity package and 6 speed manual with the after market, short throw Hurst shifter.
  10. Thanks! those were taken with my lowly iphone 4. I have a Nikon D90 that I will take some super shots with
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