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Replenished my supplies yesterday!



Last weekend finished detailing the wife's car (black Taurus X) and after that I was running low on many things. So decided to swing by the warehouse yesterday to replenish. ("Honey, I used up all my Adam's stuff on YOUR car so I have to spend some money to replace it")


I consider myself very lucky to have these guys down the road from me, it's great to just swing by and pick up what you need, and have it the same day! Of course, it's dangerous too. Whenever I push my cart around that warehouse, it's really hard NOT to get two of EVERYTHING!!!


But I think I was pretty good, this is what I got:


And get this, I just missed Adam at the warehouse so I sent him an email today to say hi and I mentioned I forgot to pick up some clay bars. His response? He asks if he should swing by my house on his way to an appointment to drop some off!!! Is that crazy awesome customer service or what??!



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The balt's fine, but dirty after the 8 inches of snow we got this week. Got to get her clean tomorrow for a club mountain cruise we're doing on Sunday!!


Saw you driving up Lowell the other day I think. I also think we live in the same area...over by LHS?!?!?!

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