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All American Clothing Co. Announces New Apparel - All Made in the USA!

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This company is getting a big fat order from me here soon! I need some warmer stuff for winter and theres no other country I'd rather support :patriot:


All American Clothing Co. Announces New Jeans, Sweatshirts, Socks and Jobs; All Made in the USA


All American Clothing Co. Announces New Jeans, Sweatshirts, Socks and Jobs; All Made in the USA


New Products are grown, sewn and offered in the USA. American made is giving consumers more opportunities to buy USA Made Quality and benefiting American Jobs.


For this company, it is not only about money and profits. If that was our only goal, we would have taken one of the many more lucrative opportunities to move outside our borders. We don't want to trade profits for US people's jobs.


The All American Clothing Co. is pleased to announce its recent release of new products. The items include a classic style men`s jean, ladies` and men`s socks, hooded sweatshirts, and men`s dress socks. All of which can be found at All American Jeans and Clothing Made in USA. The new style men`s jean is called the ‘All American Classic’. This classic style features a closer fit around the hips and thighs with a straight leg. It is made to last and the fabric is USA 13.5 oz. premium denim. The jean products feature All American Clothing`s ‘traceability’ system. With this, customers can use the code on the tag of the jeans to see that their jeans are American Made. truly made in this country. This feature will pin point exactly the farm where the cotton was grown and continues to to trace to the factory and finally into your closet. The socks include an array of colors stretching from light blue, to pink, red, green, black, and navy. These socks feature a rag wool look without the rag wool itch. They are sharp looking, extremely comfortable, and available in both men`s and women`s sizes. All American Clothing Co. launched new U.S.A Made hooded sweatshirts available in zip-up or plain style. Each sweatshirt is available with the company's logo on the front and body colors of gray or black or navy.


All American Clothing Co. continually strives to release new products giving patrons more availability to make purchases that benefit the economy and create new jobs in the U.S. The company is calling this their 'new jeans & jobs plan'. Just one purchase of one pair of U.S. Made jeans will support jobs in the U.S. The primary purchasers of these products are people who care greatly for their country and want to make a difference by creating and supporting jobs in the U.S. The All American Clothing Co. knows this and expresses appreciation to those customers who care enough to take initiative and make a difference.


All American Clothing Co. states, “We are doing our best to create more products that give our customers more opportunities to buy USA quality and make a difference to our economy. We want to be known as a company that has a purpose and makes a difference in our country. We know dedicated customers feel the same and we thank them for their continuing support.”

About All American Clothing Company:


All American Clothing Company is a success story of a small company in today`s economy. The entire company supports a “USA Made passion” as they strive to foster loyalty among customers. All American Clothing Company is conceivably a poster child for “small business success stories.” To find out more about the passion and the effort it takes to build a business in today`s economy go to All American Jeans and Clothing Made in USA and read the tab “Our Story.” 888-937-8009.

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I've bought a couple pairs of the Casual Pants, a dress shirt, and a couple tshirts.


I've been wanting to buy jeans, I usually get 'Loose' straight leg.. I contacted them and they said August, which turned into Mid-October, but it turns out, they're not loose nor relaxed, they're just regular fit straight leg..


I need to order jeans, want to order from them, but will have to try some out and hope for the best that they're comfy for me.. I'm a decent sized guy, no skinny legged jeans for me lol

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Thanks Dylan, will be ordering from them soon. Made in the USA. $ stays here, hope that this is the start of something, the return of American jobs. :patriot:


there seems to be a growing pride of american made products all over the place. i see it from more and more people everyday... i think Toby Keith's song "Made in America" helped


i'll just leave this here:

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