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When using FMP with Flex, is it SUPPOSED to be on speed 4??



Reason I ask, is because I just got done detailing the Jeep. Other than a 2-bucket wash, she just needed some FMP & a fresh coat of Americana (no clay necessary, I promise). Well this time, for the first time, I decided to do it (on my Flex of course) on a setting of 4, versus a setting of 6 like I always used to do.......

HOOOOOOLY CRAP!!! The paint on the Jeep has never looked better!!! A couple weeks from now, I'll hit it with some BG & another coat of Americana, as it's my wife's DD. But GOOD LORD I was surprised at how much better it came out, as in flawless.

My question is. When using FMP with a Flex & white pad, should it ALWAYS be used at a speed of 4?? And I just missed the memo on that, lol?? Sorry if that's a stupid question, but I always had a little tiny bit of micro-marring when I had Flex set at 6 with FMP. But now at speed 4, she just looks like red glass. Feedback???

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Speed 4 is ok with FMP, with SSR & SHR I would work on 5 or 6. Glad you like your Flex!:thumbsup:

Exactly. I do as well. I was working ALL PRODUCT at a 6 until last night.

I usually hit somewhere around 5 or a little lower on the Flex with FMP.

Okay then. Thanks guys!!


Preciate the help!! Now I can't wait to get on the 300 with my newfound secret!! :pc:

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