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new flex pads



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Like with anything, we are testing to make sure they are indeed an overall improvement for what we currently have. Keep in mind even of one of the new pads we are testing isn't better than our current stuff, then there isn't really a need to bring them out.


As always, we need tO be 100000% sure we are happy with them.

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We have plenty of testers but thank you for that offer! :D


Pads are still being developed. We will let you know if and when we decide to pull the trigger!




Just another reason that I like the Adams company, only change things to improve the performance of a product. Where some change products to make them cheaper. Cheaper does not = better. Thanks Adam :patriot:

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We're certainly getting closer, but not there yet... a lot of testing happens on any product before it rolls out. You guys usually only see a very small part of the process publicly on the forum.


We want to confident what we're putting in your hands lives up to the quality you expect us to deliver.

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