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Going home ashamed


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:bravo: I didn't know that they let both sexes fight one another. She has a nice grip on him.


My niece's BF (Brian Davis) is an MMA Fighter and right now he holds two belts. :2thumbs:


It was a grappling match' date=' they do that sometimes. As far as an actual MMA fight, they don't do M vs F. Unless it's "Cyborg" Santos, it wouldn't be a fair fight I'm sorry to say. Grappling is more of an even playing ground, depending on experience levels.


That's cool about your niece's friend, pretty cool stuff there!


Is this him?


Brian "The Gladiator" Davis MMA Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography - Sherdog.com

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haha oh sh!t, not gunna lie I know a few girls that im not ashamed to say would kick me @ss, straight up fighters, 2 black belts so yeah. Very attractive girls too!


I'm sure you would enjoy that beadown, eh? haha.

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