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Overspray on Satellite Antenna?



Had a friend ask me how to remove overspray off of a factory satellite antenna with the textured black plastic finish without removing the antenna. It looks like the antenna that comes on the new Challenger.


He also has some overspray on the paint on the roof, that I told him to use the clay bar kit on. Just not sure about the satellite antenna.




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The DirecTV userterminal dishes are powdercoated.


So, looking up a fix for overspray on powdercoating:


Removing over spray from powder coating. - Chevelle Tech

overspray on powdercoat.. - Chevelle Tech

remove overspray from powdercoat? - THE H.A.M.B.



-try clay bar

-if clay doesn't work, try a mild abrasive and then polish it back.

-acetone dulls the finish. Bad.

-laquer thinner removed the powdercoat. REAL bad.


Try clay bar seems to be the recurring theme on the internetz. And if it's on the internet, it must be true, right? :xfingers:



Oh, Satellite antenna as in Sirius/XM on the car. DUH. :loser: Not sure about that one, but my guess would be the same order or aggressiveness.

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We have tried all of the above suggestions, to no avail. As i thought the overspray came off of the roof with the clay car, but the satellite antenna still has the overspray on it. Really don't want to change the cover, it's a pain in the ***. Other than painting it, any other suggestions? Thanks again.

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