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Ready to spice up 2009? Rename two kits!

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In the tradition of having the best customers ever (which you all truly are) - we are going to tap into you and ask your help.


We'd like your feedback in two areas:

1. Rename two of our kits!

Our Absolute Essentials Detail Kit and our Essentials Detail Kit are two of our oldest and could use some updating. Come up with a name and when we see one we love we'll rename it!


2. Update our kits!

Something you think either of those kits should have or don't need? Tell us! Those kits are two of our most popular but we think they could be more refined. Speak up and ye shall be heard!

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I noticed a couple of kits come with unnecessary accessories. For example the Shiny paint box kit comes with dressing sponges, and the Truck Survival Kit comes with a microfiber applicator. I understand this may be done on purpose to give an extra little incentive by adding to an already existing collection, but for someone who is buying one of these kits as their first Adam's product they won't have any use for the items I mentioned.


Plus now that the In&Out spray is discontinued, the kits that include it should be updated


Other than that I think you guys have done a great job assembling these kits and look forward to new stuff in the future:pc:


Also I should mention that I like the idea of the random two-bottle combo deals every now and then. I added the VRT/Leather Conditioner combo to my recent order because I needed a new bottle for my VRT (I've got a gallon, but the old bottle was the only 12oz'er left in the group and it annoyed me:lolsmack:) and I wanted to give the Leather Conditioner a shot on my seats/dash/jacket, so it was nice to see this deal pop up and save $5

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I suggested this in another thread, but it may fit.


Four kits with increasing number of products.


Adams "Bronze" Collection

Adams "Silver" Collection

Adams "Gold" Collection

Adams "Platinum" Collection


If you needed an all inclusive collection

Adams "Titanium" Collection.

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My suggestion would be to add glass cleaner and leather conditioner to the Essentials Kits and maybe rename it the Back to Basics Kit.


As for the Absolute Essentials Kit, how about losing the fire hose nozzle and replacing it with the wheeled caddy? Then name it the Premier Collection.

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