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Can you finish down COMPLETELY using a Flex?

Captain McFunk


Hey guys, I'm working through detail right now. My mom just bought a new 2011 Jaguar XJL Supercharged. The dealer HAMMERED this thing, it has holograms BIG TIME as well as some decent swirls. I've been able to pull everything out with SHR/Orange and FMP/white combo. My only problem is, it seems with the FMP/white combo on the flex, it leaves tiny, tiny, micro-swirls in the finish. Is there a process that I can use to avoid this? My process is as follows:


Prime pad before each step:

SHR/Orange on Flex at Speed 6 - 3 dots in a triangle

FMP/white on Flex at Speed 5 - 3 dots in a triangle


edit: Also just noticed i was using the PC polish method (3-dot) on my flex. Probably one of my problems...


Any thoughts on why this is happening? It's not that big of a deal, I just notice it and it bothers me. Can you finish down completely with a flex?


Thanks guys!

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I had this same problem bro!!

#1) You probably are using just a tad bit too little product. Don't go crazy, but I always stick with the cross. Always seems to be just enough for the bigger areas. Only use three dots if you're working a small section.

#2) I always had the micro scratches too. UNTIL. I stepped down to speed level 4. Take it down to 4, and hopefully you'll get the same results I do. Flawless!!


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Back the speed down a touch.


If you have revive in your collection adding a couple of drops of it to your FMP on the pad will help 'dilute' the polish.


I've seen soft enough paint to justify using a gray PC pad with FMP for final step... some very soft paints are just a real bear to work with.

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