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Product Shelf Life

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I know I've had (and asked) this question in other threads, so I thought I's start a thread here.


I had a chat with Ashley to find the shelf life of Super VRT:


1 Gallon - should last two years.



Add more if you know the answer.

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Here is a quote from Adam!


You guys are great! So, the official temperature range to keep products from separating, or changing color:


Minimum: 45 degrees

Maximum: 85 degrees


Chemicals hate temperature change, and the more often the temp changes, the faster the products will spoil.


We heat the products to get the color to remain consistent, as well as getting the surfactants to work, which keeps the products from separating. By heating the products to that temperature again, about 95+ degrees, they reverse, separate, or change color.


Keeping product in the trunk over summer is a great way for things to get ugly, unless stored in a bag or sealed bucket out of the sunlight.


If possible, it's best to put your car care products in the wash room in the winter and summer, if your garage reaches temperatures outside of the range above.


My advice: Buy car care products just like you buy bread!


Buy it fresh, and often. Chemicals age at 10X dog years! :willy: So, a bottle of polish or wax that is a year old, is really 70.


Don't buy more product than you will use in a year, as the possibility of extreme temperature change is always there. (Unless you live on the beach in San Diego.)


Another thing to consider: We improve 50% of our line every year, and 100% of it within 2 years. Do you want the old news?


Technology never stops, and today's, "BEST," is only the best for a few minutes, before something better is developed.


Plan on using everything up by the end of the year, and get fresh goods in February-March, as we almost always take the winter to develop new products.


So, that's my $.02 on keeping car care products! :patriot:

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I bought SHR, FMP and MSW(MSS) for about 2 years ago. Now I bought them from a dealer close to me. (who knows how long these products were sitting on the shelf for) Ever since I had these products in my possession they've always been stored indoors. Do you think its time to toss those and order new ones?

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2 years is a estimate... each product will age differently and the way they're cared for/stored will have an impact.


Theres no definitive way to say exactly when something will be good or bad, you just have to use it and see what happens. I have my last bit of original VRT that was used this weekend, still works amazing, and its going on probably 3 or 4 years old now.

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I doubt I'll ever have this problem. Actually it would be awesome to have more product then I could use in a year........don't see that ever happening as I only order stuff as I need it.

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