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It was a long time coming. I will be honest and admit I was procrastinating on this project due to the size of the vehicle and the limited amount of time I typically have. So, with the holidays here and my schedule favorable to tackle it, it was time to give our Radiant Red 2007 Tundra some quality time with Adam's products. Here are a few before pictures to show you what I was working with.


Doesn't look too bad here so far, right?




Upon closer inspection:


Swirls o'plenty





Nasty scratch on the rear passenger fender. I found the limits of the PC and Orange Pad with this one. May be time to step up to Focus pads or perhaps the Green Pad and SSR




The truck got the full complement of Adam's products, so I will spare you the list, but I can post it upon request. ;)


Some after shots in the shade with reflections:









And some in the sun showing off that Radiant Red finish and Adam's shine:







All told, it took nearly a week due to the lousy weather we had in the South last week. Despite some of the deep scratches I couldn't get out completely, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Thanks for looking!


--Randy :pc:

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The time and work might have been a pain but the final result is definitely worth it. Looks great. Did you finish it off with americana?


I sure did! Brilliant Glaze and Americana are my go-to products once the MSS cures!

Much better!:cheers:

Thanks! That paint had a lot of shine under those swirls!


That's a lot of square footage man! Nice turn around!!


You're telling me! It was a beast, I'm not going to lie. I appreciate it!

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Thanks guys. And it's true, red just loves it some polish!


Well, I changed my mind. I'm going to list the products/process after all.


Dawn wash with Adam's Wash Bucket and Grit Guard

Jumbo Wash pad

Boulder Blonde Boars Hair Brush

Clay Bar

IPA wipe down

Orange pad with SHR

Yellow pad with SHR

White pad with FMP

Black pad with MSS

Detail Spray on all pads of course

Brilliant Glaze and yellow hex grip

Americana with red hex grip

Undercarriage Spray applied with block sponge


Glass Cleaner


...and Waterless Wash for some spotting due to frosty mornings.

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