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Detailed: 2012 Lexus IS 250F Sport


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Products used:

Adams Wash pad

Shampoo (Two bucket wash)

Great white drying towel

2 SS towels

2 DS towels

Orange pad with SHR(Flex)

White pad with FMP(Flex)

Black pad with MSW(PC)

Adam's VRT

Fender Brush and Wheel brush





This car was just a month or so old when the owner wanted me to have a look at it. They purchased it new from a Dealer and had only washed it one time. This will show you how a cover up wax works wonders for people who improperly wash their vehicle.


With less than 3k miles on the odometer the owner has only had to wash the vehicle once, but recent weather came and she noticed some swirl marks that were there when she purchased the vehicle. I was called to do a full correction to the outside of this vehicle, and the interior wasn't even dirty yet!


Started with a two bucket wash using Adams wash mitt, Shampoo and Great white drying towel and a complete strip using a mixture of Isoproypl Alcohol and water to see what I had to start with.





After the wash and clay the paint was clean and I determined what needed to be done. Notice the swirls, these photos are hard to tell up close because of the metal flake in the paint. From far away it looked like someone did a number on the car with a bad buff job after washing it with 2k grit sand paper.





After working a portion of the hood (the worst spot) I decided what method i wanted to go with, then taped and started polishing! I started with Adam's Flex 3401 Orange pad and SHR the followed up with the White pad and FMP..... Finished up with the PC 7424 and black pad with MSS/MSW, and a coat of Americana!







Finally I finished up using Adams Double soft towels and Detail spray to top off the Finish and took a few pics, here are some comparisons.







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Great job man!! And one AMAZING pieces of automotive engineering!!!

.....but I'm a SLIGHTLY bias..IS300 owner here, and probably won't own another car (that's not a DD or pure "toy") that doesn't have that "L" emblem on it ;)

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Thanks everyone! This is a very nice car, it handles awesome! It was a pleasure to work on other than the dark color showing every imperfection lol. The owner was thrilled so naturally so was I.

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