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Multiple Day correction ok?



I got a rookie question.

I have a car that will be sitting for the next few days and was wondering is it ok to do a total paint correction over a couple days. Swirl and Haze remover one day then maybe a day or 2 later fine machine polish and so on? I stripped all the old wax and clayed it and its just sitting in the garage and waiting to find time. I am assuming I can just do the swirl and haze remover then wipe it off then to the fine machine polish the next time I get a chance? Or is this just backwards?

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Hahahaha It will just be chilling in the garage for the next couple days so I think I will just do some waterless wash between stages. Thanks for the information!


I have a car that is going on two months! Just follow the steps recommend above. Mine just sits in the garage waiting for me to have time to work another panel. Wish I had more time!

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